RI Licensed Cultivation Facility

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Ocean State Botanicals Growing Facility

Small Batch Craft Cannabis

Grown With Love.

Our mission is to grow the most potent, fresh, and flavorful flower possible. We grow in peat based, soilless substrate and use inputs that are as organic as possible. No harmful chemicals or pesticides will ever be in our products. It’s our commitment to always place quality before quantity. You deserve it!
Not only are we looking out for the consumer, we’re looking out for the environment. In an effort to reduce our carbon footprint (and electric bill let’s be honest haha), we cultivate in our 5,000 square foot facility using the most energy efficient LED lighting and air conditioning technologies available. It’s a win win!
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Locally Owned

Family Operated

Ocean State Botanicals is a Rhode Island state licensed, Class A medical marijuana cultivation facilty. We are operated and locally owned by Rhode Islanders who are passionate about the Ocean State!